Hope Drummond


Hope is a longtime experienced  ADA advocate for people with disabilities. In the early part of her life she worked around the legal field.  As an individual of short stature with multiple other disabilities, Hope has first-hand experience with navigating through institutions that are not designed to include her as an active participant.  In her professional life, Hope has assisted clients with disabilities to transition into the workforce, sort out benefits and insurance issues, and become more independent. She is a powerful advocate, and has engaged extensively in the public arena on behalf of individuals with disabilities and has increased awareness of disability issue. She started her own group which focuses on ‘ Parents with Disabilities’ she is a member of Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities. In 2012, she faced a great challenge in her life, she became pregnant. Because she was high risk, she also stayed in the hospital for months. With the support of family and friends she birth her baby boy. Although the baby stayed in the hospital for months, he is a good healthy little boy.