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In life we have lived and seen what it means to struggle.. We have always said, whenever we can open up a small crack of opportunity to help people we will. Our most concerned project is struggling artists.. These artists would sacrifice material well-being in order to focus on their artwork. They typically live on minimum expenses, either for a lack of business or because all their disposable income goes toward art projects. We want to help these artists so they want have to sacrifice so much to reach their goals.. We are calling the Project Diamond in the Rough Project..

Your Help is greatly Needed through Donations

Registered Non Profit

Diamond in the Rough Project (DRP) was founded in 2020 through Donations
Some of  the PROGRAMS include the following


Dance Classes: They will learn dance and performance ensembles featuring a vast variety of disciplines including:

Acting Workshop  (Drama/Acting): They will learn all of the artistic and technical positions in professional theater by writing, acting, directing, and designing their own work.

Vocal Class: They will learn how to write lyrics, find the story of their song, as well as listening to and giving constructive feedback to classmates.

Modeling/Pageant:  They will learn how to walk the runway, pose, Strut just be  confident and believe in yourself.

Studio Time:  The amazing  Music producers we offer will help you make your very own sound like nobody else’s.

Video session: We help you see your creative side that vision you had and make it a reality.

Platform: The platform you create with us you will be able to fly anywhere in the world.

Some of our Clients has had the opportunity to model for Curvy Girl, Zulily, Ebony Fashion Week and  some perform in various Musical Events.