An Inspiration!

Charity & Hope

Every challenge is different; every need is different

Young and old are striving to grow and learn not just how to live with their disability or their financial barriers, but how the world treats them in the entertainment Industry. At our Agency we have made it our purpose to do all we can to ensure that these at-risk groups, homeless families and people with disabilities have the support they need.

We believe in making today’s world more accessible for people with all types of disabilities in the Entertainment World. You’ll find we place a keen focus on the various challenges you will encounter.  It’s an issue that sits at the root of our mission because it’s part of our story.

Hope and Charity was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta. Together they have had over 60 surgeries and over 100 broken bones and fractures..  Through life they have proved their disability nor their size will not stop them from going after their dreams and goals.. Both girls graduated from school and continued college and received their Masters at a University..  Charity received her BS in Psychology/Minor in Theater and In 2009 received her Masters Degree in Family and Marriage Counseling.  Hope has a BS degree in Paralegal and a Masters in Business.


The Twins has been on  Television/ talk Show/Short Primo Advertising/Reality Show: “Little Women Atlanta”, Americorp Advertising Video, Pre-K School short video on Education, and Appeared- Steve Harvey Show – Twinning It.. They have been Featured in ⦁ Gospel Women Today (Magazine), Mississippi Clarion Ledger (local Newspaper)  Mentioned in a book called‘On A Roll’ Wheelchair Dude with an Attitude (Author Greg Smith), and they have also been featured on HIHO Kids “Kids Meet a Little Person” (which received over a million views). Since their appearance on the Reality Show, they have been talked about all over social media, from their time on the Show, to their NET Worth..

Send an email if you want the Drummond Twins to do: Speaking Engagements, Appearances, Hosting, Interviews, being a panelist etc..


Within the Disability Community- both girls spend their time helping people with and without disabilities by, being on advisory boards and committees. they also have been strong advocates for themselves and others.